Starting the Fire

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“Destitute of the Fire of God, nothing else counts; possessing Fire, nothing else matters.” – Samuel Chadwick

Moses at the burning bush.  The Hebrew children following the pillar of fire.  Moses again on Mount Sinai receiving the commandments.  The prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace.  All of these were in the will of God when they were near the fire.  John the Baptist declared that Christ would baptize us with fire.  Paul reminded the Corinthians that each man’s work would be revealed by fire.  And in the great description of the victorious Jesus in Revelation, it tells us that his eyes were as fire.

I have always enjoyed fire (probably a pyromaniac, but haven’t acted on that in criminal ways).  I love fire.  The manliness that is tied to it.  There is something satisfying about creating something so powerful.  There is something empowering in using that fire to produce something else, like food or metal.  Fire has an incredible ability to draw us into relationship.  Some of the greatest memories I have involve sitting around a campfire or being snuggled up in front of the fireplace with my wife and sons, and the dogs laying right at our feet.

This love of fire and the instances that we find in scripture concerning fire have led me to this – my blog.  I want this space to be one of encouragement in the will of God for your life.  A place of seeing the power and deliverance of the Lord.  A platform to talk about God-honoring manliness. A setting for building relationships. And a place for those who are seeking to catch a glimpse into the eyes of Jesus and find the warmth and life giving power of the fire they see in them.

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